Cheeched And Handy

a Soak Up The Sound, LLC video production

Next Steps

After over 2 years in production the series of shows is Finally COMPLETE! 

From creating stills, video shoots, scenes, puppy wrangling, measuring obsessively, battling an EvilBlockOfWood, vintage dust, endless edits, Math, close captioning / subtitles, graphics and artwork, and finally all of the soundtrack engineering / remixing- we can at last say: it is Done and ready for you to enjoy!

Currently, Soak Up The Sound, LLC is shopping for a platform / partner to host stream

the series. It was also submitted (on 8/24/23) to SXSW Film & TV Festival 2024 (March 8-16th) in Austin, TX, and if selected- will be the World Premier. Our fingers are Crossed!

And a very special thanks to those that have travelled on this journey, esp. in the Hunt for Juncque - both with me on the trail and, off. Thank you. 

Watch this space for updates! Thank you! CT, Princess Raina, Beth

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