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Another Film Festival Submission (that we're Excited about!)

Clearly there's a Big difference between tossing your name in the ring, and going to the dance- but this is exciting. We've qualified for the Tribeca Film Festival entering 10/30/23 for June 5-16th, 2024 in NYC). It's a unique category - Tribeca NOW is a platform that discovers, highlights, and celebrates independent episodic work, including short and long form pilots/series, of both narrative and documentary genres. Submissions for Tribeca NOW must demonstrate the potential for serial growth.


Project creators selected for Tribeca NOW may also be eligible for the Tribeca Creators Market, a first-of-its-kind, private industry market held during the Festival that brings together leading emerging feature film, episodic, immersive, audio, and games storytellers to pitch new projects to and network with a wide range of industry members, including distributors, producers, networks, funders, and more.  <<< THAT'S US <<<

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