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Hollywood : WINNER!


It's been a whirlwind couple of months! Biggest news: Cheeched And Handy while not only being shown on February 26th at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood-  (!) also won Best Original Screenplay - Webisode at the Golden State Film Festival! Congratulations to the C&H crew, and fist bump to our Commander Todd for representing at the fest. He spent 10 days in Hollywood soaking up everything it had to offer besides watching over 50 films at the festival. The Red Carpet and CT were cut from the same cloth. 

Cheeched And Handy also won Best Web Series at the Barcelona Independent Film Festival in January (!)




Happy New Year!
Season 01 is behind us, and what an amazing year!! ... that closed with a C&H private viewing party / victory lap- featuring a ton of popcorn, concession candy, custom C&H cake, smiles, and the reveal of the trophy for Best Web Series at the Star City Film Festival 2023.  The Season 01 can now be streamed! with our own Vimeo channel. Season 02 subtitled "Revenge Of The Thrift" is well underway, with 5 of 7 new amplifier projects COMPLETE! The Shop set has been re-designed / upgraded, and Season 02 promises to be Next Level on so many points- Deep Dives with mini-documentaries, the Shop project with possible (sneek peek) animatronic features, and Soak Up The Sound segments with more rare/unique/vintage guitars. OH! the Episode 06 (short) has been selected to appear as part of the Golden State Film Festival in Hollywood (!) February 22nd-March 29th- at the TCL ("Grauman's") Chinese Theatre (!!!) HOLLYWOOD! Submissions still pending for: Cleveland International Film Festival (April 3rd, 2024), Mammoth Lakes Film Festival (May 22, 2024), Tribeca Film Festival (June 5th, 2024), and Sacramento Underground Film And Arts Festival (July 21st, 2024), and as always, Fingers Crossed! stay tuned  and it's cheaper than coffeeBuy or Rent Cheeched And Handy now! Raina needs treats :)

And so it begins...

Season 02.. the stockpile (literally) of raw materials to create more "functional electronic works of art..." Stay tuned !


WE WON! Best Web / TV Series at the Star City Film Festival! What an amazing time we had presenting the film, meeting all the other filmmakers, rubbing elbows with the stars - Thaao Penghlis from Days Of Our Lives, and Katie O'Regan from "Painting Jane". Princess Raina was on the red carpet along with our Cinematographer Beth Dary, and Commander Todd played one of his project guitars through Serial Number 002 during the Director's Talkback after the Premier Showing of Episode 06! More pictures to be posted as well as a full account of the gala!


Interview with Katie O'Regan, Curator and Director of the Star City Film Festival a couple of days prior to the event: Podcast

Star City Film Festival Interview with Commander Todd and Raina

I'm one of the filmmakers interviewed (actually 1st in the lineup 😉 ) in prep for next week's Star City Film Festival. November 4th, 2023 Interview Thank You Katie! Get Your tickets! 👆


Another Film Festival Submission (that we're Excited about!)

Clearly there's a Big difference between tossing your name in the ring, and going to the dance- but this is exciting. We've qualified for the Tribeca Film Festival entering 10/30/23 for June 5-16th, 2024 in NYC). It's a unique category - Tribeca NOW is a platform that discovers, highlights, and celebrates independent episodic work, including short and long form pilots/series, of both narrative and documentary genres. Submissions for Tribeca NOW must demonstrate the potential for serial growth.


Project creators selected for Tribeca NOW may also be eligible for the Tribeca Creators Market, a first-of-its-kind, private industry market held during the Festival that brings together leading emerging feature film, episodic, immersive, audio, and games storytellers to pitch new projects to and network with a wide range of industry members, including distributors, producers, networks, funders, and more.  <<< THAT'S US <<<

We're In!

Official Selection! We entered and were chosen to be shown at the Star City Film Festival - November 10th-12th, 2023 in Sheboygan, WI! What was submitted and accepted was a "short" in the Web Series category (30 minutes or less) - which we created by gluing the Trailer on to the beginning of Episode 6.

Tickets and information are all contained within their link. Hope to see you there!

On a disappointing note, we were not selected for the Big Apple Film Fest. They're missing out on something very special.

Festival Submission update

The Cheeched And Handy series has been submitted (on 9/28/23) to the Big Apple Film Fest and Screenplay Competition occurring on November 3rd, 2023 in NYC (of course). We're running out of fingers (and paws) to be crossed. Next time it's toes LOL. More here: Link

Another step in the journey

Still waiting to hear about our submission to the SXSW '24 Film and TV Festival, but in the meantime- we just submitted  (9/17) to the Sundance Film Festival 2024  < Link > in the Episodic Content category. Again, optimism reigns supreme, and the fingers (and paws) are crossed :) !

Next Steps

After over 2 years in production the series of shows is Finally COMPLETE! 

From creating stills, video shoots, scenes, puppy wrangling, measuring obsessively, battling an EvilBlockOfWood, vintage dust, endless edits, Math, close captioning / subtitles, graphics and artwork, and finally all of the soundtrack engineering / remixing- we can at last say: it is Done and ready for you to enjoy!

Currently, Soak Up The Sound, LLC is shopping for a platform / partner to host stream

the series. It was also submitted (on 8/24/23) to SXSW Film & TV Festival 2024 (March 8-16th) in Austin, TX, and if selected- will be the World Premier. Our fingers are Crossed!

And a very special thanks to those that have travelled on this journey, esp. in the Hunt for Juncque - both with me on the trail and, off. Thank you. 

Watch this space for updates! Thank you! CT, Princess Raina, Beth

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